"Indian food gives me the shits"

Yoshi is a gluttonous, drunken embarrassment registered as Tribe #3.

Bio Edit

Yoshi is the son of Black Yoshi. Born in low-class hoodlum conditions, he started working as the paperman at age 7, at McDonald's at age 12, and at age 15, he started using a fake ID to get higher income jobs because Black Yoshi was unable to get a job after being proven guilty of child molestation. He moved out to West Korea to escape the Dinosaur Land Mafia after he got a letter from them for Christmas stating that he or Black Yoshi owed them 2 billion Dragon Coins, because it turned out that Black Yoshi had borrowed just that amount from them.

Trivia Edit

  • He also started drinking at age 16 with said fake ID.

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