Character pages coming soon.

  1. Bowser - from Super Mario (Neutral Evil)
  2. Kamek - from Super Mario (Neutral Good)
  3. Donkey Kong - from Donkey Kong Country (Lawful Good)
  4. Diddy Kong - from Donkey Kong Country (Chaotic Neutral)
  5. Dixie Kong - from Donkey Kong Country (Chaotic Good)
  6. Stu Pickles - from Rugrats (Lawful Neutral)
  7. Charlotte Pickles - from Rugrats (Neutral Good)
  8. Lou Pickles - from Rugrats (Chaotic Evil)
  9. Black Yoshi - from SuperMarioLogan (Chaotic Evil)
  10. Yoshi - from Yoshi's Island (Lawful Good)
  11. Spongebob - from Spongebob Squarepants (Chaotic Evil)
  12. Mr. Krabs - from Spongebob Squarepants (Lawful Neutral)
  13. Patrick Star - from Spongebob Squarepants (Neutral Evil)
  14. Mrs. Puff - from Spongebob Squrepants (Chaotic Evil)
  15. Random - from Happy Tree Friends Fandom (Neutral Good)
  16. Max Profitt Haltmann - from Kirby (Chaotic Neutral)
  17. Little Miss Hardy - from Mr. Men Fanon (Chaotic Good)
  18. Mr. Charming - from Mr. Men Fanon (Neutral Good)
  19. Charlie Brown - from Peanuts (Chaotic Good)
  20. Linus Van Pelt - from Peanuts (Chaotic Good)
  21. Janice Emmons - from Peanuts (True Neutral)
  22. Timmy Turner - from Fairly OddParents (Lawful Evil)
  23. Wanda - from Fairly OddParents (Chaotic Neutral)
  24. Fatrick - from nothing (True Neutral)

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