Mr. Rude works at the Arena as a chef. He is one of the Mr. Men who originally resided at the town of Dillydale.

Bio Edit

Mr. Rude, as his name would suggest, is one of the worst people out there, with his most preferred hobby going around being rude, insulting everyone, making them miserable, and ruining their day. He is sarcastic, ill-mannered, crude, inconsiderate, insensitive, and cares about no one but himself. He also has horrible manners, and has no qualms about farting at inappropriate times. He also has a VERY foul-mouth, with nearly every sentence he says having at least one swear word in it, and he is also a heavy smoker.

When working his job, he doesn't care at all about health issues and sanitation, and will often smoke near his workplace and not wash his hands. If you make him mad, he'll tamper with with your meal, putting foreign objects like steel wool and used cigarette butts in your food and pissing in your drink.

He originally worked as a high school teacher in Paris but was fired for smoking during class, going to school drunk, and teaching his students about how all the terrorist attacks in history were "inside jobs". He then worked as a chef in Dillydale, and eventually moved his business to the Arena once it opened up.

Role in LIWK Edit

He's a very minor character who for the most part is in the background, so he doesn't serve much of a role in the series other than just working at the Arena. Usually he serves as a right-hand man and satellite to Le Spatula, who works as the head chef.