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Little Miss Hardy and Mr. Charming are a duo of tribes. They are Mr. Men OCs created by Toxicanvil243, one of 

the former writers for "Life In West Korea". They don't change much for this show, and for the most part keep their original personalities.

Little Miss Hardy

Miss Hardy is a tough and short-fused tomboy who is prone to beating up anyone who pisses her off, though she has a heart of gold, and is caring towards anyone who is on her good side. She enjoys sports, mainly soccer. She is also somewhat of a beer drinker, though mainly only during social events.

Miss Hardy was born and raised in Texas. She used to partake in beauty pageants, which was the only girly thing she genuinly liked, however she quit due to personal reasons. Her father is a rich CEO of one of the top oil companies in the United States.

Mr. Charming

Mr. Charming only half lives up to his name. He does have good looks and a tendency to romance women, though some of them reject him. He enjoys art, literature, and music, and is a pacifist, so he prefers to not partake in the violent nature of the games. Also, despite him being mostly into women, he has a bit of bisexuality in him.

Mr. Charming is from Spain and moved to the United States. He is bilingual, and speaks mainly English when interacting with other tribes, though he'll occasionally utter Spanish curse words when he's angry. His father is a bullfighter, and throughout his life has always been pressured by his father to inherit his bullfighting career, which was the prime reason for his immigration.


Miss Hardy and Mr. Charming get along well, and are good friends. They originally lived in Dillydale for a bit, but moved to the Arena to partake in the games.