This is the list of characters who work in the Arena. These are simply people who work for the Arena, and since the show focuses on the tribes, a great majority of the workers are very, VERY minor characters, who at the very least will get just a cameo or mention.

Also note that just because they work for the Arena does NOT mean they are a tribe, and if they are not a tribe then they don't partake in the games. However, a character can still happen to be a tribe and work for the Arena. Also Arena workers can still interact with the tribes.

  • CEO - Dolan Duck
  • Simulators - Anvil, Chippy, Zoe, Ben (formerly), Ruben
  • Chefs and cafeteria workers - Le Spatula (head chef), Chimecho, Lunch Lady from Danny Phantom, Chef Pee Pee, Mr. Rude
  • Scientists - Professor Sycamour, Widget, Walden, Rick Sanchez, Dr. Flug
  • Doctors - Mr. Happy, Sunil, Dr. Pig, Dr. Mario
  • Police Officers - Judy Hopps, Officer Nancy, Brooklyn T. Guy
  • News Anchors- Chet Ubetcha, Realistic Fish Head
  • Trainers - Sportacus, Little Mac, Jorgen Von Strangle
  • Wizards - Little Miss Magic, Zecora, Hipster Kamek, Cosmo, Wanda, Count Bleck (fired due to being unnessesary)
  • Superheroes - 60's Spiderman, Captain Hindsight, Captain Underpants, Splendid, Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy (fired due to being unnessesary)

Teachers Edit

  • Denzel Crocker: homeroom teacher
  • Mr. Lancer: English teacher
  • Professor Poopypants: science teacher
  • Professor Garfield: computer laboratory teacher
  • Jacques Pierre François: art teacher
  • Meta Knight: physical education teacher
  • Mr. Krupp: Principal
  • Hall Monitor Helen: Hall Monitor/Vice Principal

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