Welcome! Life in West Korea is a joke project loosely based on the Hunger Games. It involves the lives of 48 characters from various fiction living in West Korea, an island isolated from society. If you are young and/or easily offended, LEAVE NOW!

This series contains contains excessive amounts of violence, disturbing scenes, strong language, sexual themes, and discussion of various taboos. This series is not trying to make a point. It's simply a creation of my screwed up imagination. We are not responsible for any ruined childhoods and/or psyches. And if you're the creator/one of the creators of a character in this series, there are no concerns. The series is not an excuse to mock people, nor is it monetized.

The series takes place in an alternate universe where all fictional characters co-exist, and populate the universe along with the rest of mankind. 48 of these characters have been isolated on a large island, now to be called tribes, by Dolan Duck. This island is West Korea, and is protected by an invisible barrier. This isolation causes a bunch of crazy stuff to happen to the island goers, often politically incorrect and unsafe for work.

Note: These characters have completely different personalities. Often ranging from stoners to psychotic rapists.

Latest activityEdit

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