Basically a stash of episode plot ideas.

Episode Ideas Edit

  • Pilot- The tribes are interviewed and introduced.
  • Jebbie's parents come to town, however Jebbie requires to get a sex change in order to please her parents, however unfortunately Sunil is the one behind the sex change.
  • Patrick assumes Spongebob is cheating on him with Lola Loud.
  • Raymond's nudes are leaked online.
  • Star and Sunset get into a magic duel.
  • Little Miss Magic decides to create a witchcraft class at the school after getting fired.
  • Little Mac skips Leg Day.
  • King Dedede enters illegal chicken fights.
  • Mr. Charming is forced into a bullfighting tournament by his dad and goes up against John Cena reincarnated as a bull
  • King Dedede goes on a date with a Bumpity from Mario.

Scene/Joke ideas Edit

  • Episode 1, the superheroes and wizards run amok before being fired by Dolan and carpetbombed by King K. Rool's minion Krusha on a distant island, who contacts K. Rool and confirms this event.
  • Sunset reveals she dated Barry Bee Benson in high school (they broke up due for her eating honey nut cheerios and not liking jazz)

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